The 98%

"Women lie. Men lie. Numbers don’t lie. "

-Yo Gotti

Welcome to the majority. First time for everything. On campus athletes represent a small fraction of the student body. Only a small fraction of high school athletes gain athletic scholarships. Up until this point you have been a member of an elite class. You’re still a member of an elite class. The only difference is that now you are a part of the 98%. 

We have all seen those NCAA commercials that state only 2% of collegiate athletes go pro. It isn’t just some cute commercial. That commercial should freeze you in your tracks and cause you to revaluate some things. That means that the other 98% need to prepare for life after sports with a sense of urgency. As athletes we get caught up. We only visualize ourselves holding up the trophy or cutting down the net. We focus all of our energy on one thing. A great philosopher by the name of Yo Gotti once said that numbers don’t lie. Well if that’s true that means that athletes who fall within that 98% need to start to focus on other things. 

It’s ok to get a new set of dreams outside of the world of sports. Sometimes it’s that simple. Get a new dream. Get a new picture for your life. Having a vision is more than half the battle. When you know where you want to go you can find a path that will get you there. Maybe you could be named to Forbes 40 under 40 list. Maybe your startup could be named one of the fastest growing businesses by Inc. Maybe your first book will be a NY Times Best Seller. Maybe your life’s work will win you a Nobel Peace Prize. You’ll never know if you don’t try. You’ll never know if you get stuck. 

A lot of players overestimate the probability or chance of them playing professional sports. Look at the WNBA. There are 12 teams. Each team has approximately 12 players. That’s 144 spots. You literally have to be one of the top 150 women’s basketball players in the WORLD to secure a spot on one of those rosters.

 Even if your goal was never to play professionally, you still spent well over a decade dedicated to the sport you love. When your playing days end you are going to feel a sense of loss. There will be days when you struggle to figure out your new identity. However, it’s never too early to start to figure out how you are going to leverage your skills and chase your new dreams.

Welcome to the majority. Now what are you going to do to separate yourself from the crowd?

Until next time,

Coach J