It Ain't Over

A few weeks ago Derrick Rose scored a career high 50 points and I had to sit on it. I wanted to write about it but I had to let it sink in. Derrick Rose was emotional and it made me emotional. I could be wrong but I think Derrick got emotional as he was thinking to himself, “finally my hard work paid off.”


Did you see that look on his face? That’s what we’re all chasing. That feeling of “finally”.


Often times our journey within sports mirrors our journey in life after sports. There are ups and downs. Setbacks and triumphs. However within our sport we persevere. Once our playing days are over some of us shrink back. We live beneath our potential.


The issue is that we don’t stick with things long enough. We give up if we don’t see the results what we want immediately. We hop around from one thing to the next. I encourage exploration. But we have to keep in mind that as we explore we should be looking for that one thing. The one thing that only you can do. The one thing that no one else on the planet can do like you.


Once we find it we have to stick with it. If something in your gut tells you that this is the thing you were born to do you have to hold on to it in spite of the obstacles you face and the self-doubt that may set in.


I’m sure there was a time when Derrick Rose questioned if he would ever bounce back. I can remember watching him in awe at Memphis. I remember him being the first overall draft pick. I remember him winning MVP of the NBA. I also remember him sustaining multiple injuries and moving from team to team. In spite of all of the setbacks Derrick Rose kept going.


That’s exactly what we have to do as former athletes. We have to tell ourselves that no matter what it looks like IT AIN’T OVER! Think about how long you had to work at your sport before you made it to the collegiate or professional ranks. Many of us spent well over a decade perfecting our craft.


We have to be willing to put that same amount of time in once we figure out what’s next. Your best days are not behind you. You are so much more than just an athlete.


“I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” 

-Steve Jobs


That quote by Steve Jobs doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurs. It applies to anyone who wants to be great at anything. Will you stick with it or throw in the towel and settle for being average? The choice is up to you.


You dominated on the court or on the field. Now go dominate in life!


Keep Pushing


Coach J

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