Leave Your Cape On

What are you doing when no one is watching?

 What are you doing when there’s no crowd? When the crowd fills the arena and the lights are on it’s too late to prepare. You can’t run to the bench and read up on your scouting report during a timeout.

 Sports teach us that preparation must take place before the moment we are anticipating arrives. If you show up to a game unprepared your competition will embarrass you.

 I truly believe that athletes have a set of super powers. For some reason many of us volunteer to take our superhero cape off just because ball is over. We fail to realize that our skills will serve us in any arena.

 Our attention to detail and preparation are what allowed us to earn a college scholarship. In order to make it to this level you had to have more than just talent. You had to have some discipline behind it.

The same rules apply as we move forward. You could be a gifted teacher but you still have to prepare ahead of time when creating your lesson plans.

 As athletes we thrive under pressure. We love to compete. We are on the hunt for any and every opportunity to show what we’ve been working on. We never want to be viewed as average.

 The work we put in behind closed doors is what allows us to thrive. Take a minute to think about how empty and quiet the gym was during practice. Now compare that to game day when students and fans fill the stands, the band is there, cheerleaders are on the baseline, and photographers are trying to capture amazing action shots. There is almost no comparison. One environment is conducive to preparing. The other will simply expose those who thought they could just show up and dominate.

Separating yourself from your peers in your career field will take the same amount of effort. You have to prepare ahead of time for that big presentation when no one is watching. You have to shut off all distractions and work on that business plan before you pitch to potential investors. You have to know the laws pertaining to your client’s case before you step into the courtroom.

As athletes we have a head start. We have super powers. We understand that hours and hours of practice yield the type of results that we are looking for. So don’t take your cape off now. Leave it on. Prepare in the dark for the moment when the lights will shine.

 You lived through moments when the arena was full and you had the ball in your hands. The time will come when the boardroom is silent and all eyes are on you. Will your preparation time make you look average or super human? The choice is up to you.

 Take that same grind and apply it to a new arena.

 Go put that work in,

 Coach J