Tap Into Your Creative Genius

“What if my mind was the problem? What if to be alive is to be inspired? Develop an inspiration mindset. You are infinitely creative. Constant inspiration is supposed to be your norm.”

-Toure Roberts

Earlier this week Childish Gambino released a video called This Is America. It is easily one of the greatest music videos I have ever seen in my life. The imagery is powerful and the message is crystal clear. The video is oozing with Gambino’s creative genius. Social media has gone into a complete frenzy over this video. Everyone is talking about it.

As we spend more time together you will come to understand that I have one goal. My goal is to help athletes see life differently. I want to challenge you and cause you to see yourself as more than just an athlete. While we applaud the work of Childish Gambino we should pause and take notes. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t admire his work. I’m just encouraging you to put out your own.

I would have sucked as a basketball player if all I did was watch my favorite players and I never tried to emulate them. I tried to model certain aspects of my game after Kevin Garnett. I could never be Kevin Garnett but there was nothing wrong with taking a move or two of his and putting my own unique twist on it. This principle does not just apply to sports.

There are so many forms of creative genius on display in our society. Life is not a spectator sport. At some point you have to make the shift from just being entertained to studying the greats and trying to figure out how you can incorporate what they do into your own life.

Look at the after time out plays that Brad Stevens draws up for the Boston Celtics. Genius. Look at the way Elon Musk designed the Tesla. Genius. Look at the way your favorite clothing brand produces clothes. Genius. Look at the way your favorite artist enhances every song they are featured on. Genius. Look at the creativity your favorite teacher used to design lesson plans. Genius.

Music is not the only form of creative expression. Find your unique lane.

I was cocky on the court. If you asked me no one could shoot like me. I took pride in my form. I wanted the rotation every one of my shots to be flawless. I rarely passed up a shot. I felt as if mastering the mid-range game was my way of leaving my mark on the game. The thing I never realized is that the court was not the only place where I could leave my distinct mark. The court was not the only place where I could be an individual and stand out.

Maybe you are an incredible switch hitter. Maybe you are a pitcher known for your amazing curve ball. Maybe you play football and your spin move is insane. Maybe you are a point guard with silky smooth handles. You could even be a goalie with more shut outs than you can count.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play or what you are known for. All you need to understand is that you can leave your mark in a new field. You can take that SAME GRIND and apply it to a NEW ARENA!

Your creative genius is within you. You just have to find your unique lane and tap into it. Your creative genius is like a faucet. The water it right there and ready to go, but nothing happens until you turn it on.

I’m sure that there’s a note in your phone or some idea you scribbled on a piece of paper in a notebook that no one knows about. Act on that idea. See where it takes you. Tap into your own creative genius. There’s a piece of work that you are supposed to leave in this earth.

If the thing you want doesn’t exist, it’s probably because you need to create it. Can’t find anything worth watching on Netflix? Write your own series. Can’t find a shirt you like at the mall? Design your own. Can’t find a book on the topic you are looking for? Write it yourself. Not enough organizations to serve the underprivileged youth in your old neighborhood? Start one. Can’t find a piece of artwork that speaks to you? Paint your own. Don’t like the culture at your job? Start your own company. Hate all of the chocolate chip cookie recipes online? Come up with your own.

You are the solution to someone’s problem. You were born to create. I know that’s scary because up until now you thought you were only born to hoop. You just have to find the thing that you were meant to create. You are the only one with your distinct fingerprint. Leave your mark on the world.

As a former athlete you are extremely disciplined. That discipline gives you an advantage. While others sit around and make excuses you find a way to execute. Take the time to explore an aspect of yourself that you couldn’t see because you were so wrapped up in sports. What you discover will blow your mind.

Have fun,


Coach J