The 98% Part 2

“You are more than who you have become. You must take your place in the circle of life. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.”


Hello I’m Rafiki. You must be Simba. Somewhere along the path of life you got lost because things didn’t go the way you planned. Just like Simba you are living beneath your potential. 

At one point you were singing about how you couldn’t wait to be king. But then when you didn’t get the pro contract or when you got cut by the Olympic team you stopped singing. Breaking news! You can still be king. You just have to find a new jungle! 

I have one goal. One aim. One mission. One objective. My job is really simple. I’m here to remind you who you are. You literally have these super powers sitting in your back pocket. Up until now you thought they were only good for one thing. You thought these skills were only good for hooping or catching touchdown passes or hitting home runs. 

You need to realize that life is a sport. Life is a game. It’s not about the hand you were dealt. It’s about how you play it. As a basketball player I constantly worked on my footwork. There’s this thing in basketball called a travel. If you take too many steps without dribbling the basketball it’s a turnover. You give up the ball and your opponent gets a chance to score. When you turn the ball over you take an opportunity from your team to score a basket. Life is the same way. You just have to learn the rules to the new game you are playing. Turnovers are costly in sports but they are also costly in life. 

Last time I checked there was only ONE way to win a basketball game. You have to outscore your opponent. Point blank period. You can’t sit back and hope your opponent misses. That’s passive. You have to take initiative. You have to score to win. The rules of life are the same way. You have to be aggressive. You have to score. You can’t sit back and hope the person next to you messes up so that you can get an opportunity. 

You are a member of an elite group. You kept an insane routine when you were playing college sports. You were up at 5am grinding. Your classmates who didn’t play sports were struggling to make it to their first class at noon. Understand that you have an advantage. You have something in you that you can’t buy. 

The fact is that less than 2% of us will play professional sports and that’s perfectly fine. The end of your playing days does not have to be the last time you feel that rush. You have something in you that will allow you to dominate any industry. You just have to see it right. You have to take what you learned in sports and apply it to life. 

Most athletes mess up because they only see themselves as athletes. So what do we do after graduation? We settle for the first job that comes along. That’s where most of us get stuck. That’s why so many athletes are unhappy and they fall into depression. They go from doing something they are super passionate about to doing something just so they can get a direct deposit notification every two weeks. After graduation we are in the middle of an identity crisis. We have no idea who we are without sports. 

All I want you to understand is that you are still special. People praised you because of your athletic ability but once you got done playing they forgot about you because you started to seem normal. I’m here to be your cheerleader. You have these super powers. You are not normal. You can do anything you set your mind to. Refuse to settle. Get a new dream and chase it down. This is just the beginning. Remember who you are! 

Go dominate,

Coach J