084: Gift and a Curse- With Jori Davis

Being an elite athlete can be a gift and a curse. We have to have laser vision. In order to make it to the college or professional ranks you have to be locked in. Often times we don’t put enough energy and effort into preparing for life after sport.

Once we enter life after sports we have to play catch up other individuals who didn’t have basketball or football as their primary identity. When its time to transition out we often haven’t taken the time to assess what else we are good at. The game doesn’t last forever but we view it as if it does. At some point the love affair comes to an end. Will you be prepared?

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082: Humbled By Life- With Taj Dashaun

As athletes we are trained to never show any weakness. We are taught that if we show any emotion our competitor will take advantage of us. We grow accustomed to being super heroes on stage but once ball is over many athletes find themselves alone and depressed. Because of our pride and our beliefs many former athletes refuse to ask for the help they need to figure out what’s next.

It is important for athletes to re-establish their identity once their playing days come to an end. For many of us being an athlete is our primary identity. It’s how we see ourselves and it’s how others see us.

Episode 82 is packed full of gems. You do not want to miss this conversation with special guest Taj Dashaun.

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081: No Brainer- With Guest Lee Rubin

In this episode featuring Lee Rubin we discuss a number of topics that will help athletes at every level as they navigate life after sport. As athletes we have the ability to thrive under pressure but we are often ill equipped to recognize and articulate the soft skills we have that will allow us to be assets to various organizations.

As athletes navigate life and attempt to figure out next steps its important to pay attention to the things people constantly compliment you on. Those compliments reveal your gifts and talents that could very well lead you to discovering what could possibly be your next craft. 

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080: Transferable Skills?- With Guest Dr. Victor Kidd

Sets For Life is not your typical life after sports podcast. In episode 80 featuring Dr. Victor Kidd we discuss various topics including why many former athletes don’t make the professional leap they should with a college degree. We also talk about the challenges athletes face in what is often considered a safe space. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss! 

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079: Find Your Forever- With Guest Shamira Rothmiller

If you look at a track and field team you will see a group of different people who all bring different gifts to the team. The throwers are usually larger in stature and stronger. The pole vaulters typically don’t have that same strength and size. If a thrower tried to compete in the pole volt it would probably put them at a disadvantage based on their body type.

All of us have innate talents and skills that allow us to do certain things well. We mess up when we try to copy the next person instead of being true to ourselves. We have to figure out were to operate and how to maximize our gifts. When we play our role not just in sports but in life, everyone wins.

This week’s episode features special guest Shamira Rothmiller

076: Mindfulness- With Guest Leah Lipschitz

When we walk away from our sport we often feel as if we have lost a huge part of ourselves. We tend to feel as is we have lost our purpose once our sport no longer defines us.

As athletes its seems counter intuitive but it is through slowing down that we notice more. We have to seek out ways to find balance especially in today’s hyper connected society. We don’t give ourselves an opportunity to stop and pay attention. 

Mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation can prove to be extremely beneficial to former athletes as we seek to find some sense of balance.

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