016: Eat What You Kill- With Guest Pasha Cook

It is so important that athletes have a vision of what they want their life to look like. We have no problem visualizing ourselves getting a scholarship, winning a few championships, and graduating. However somewhere in-between graduating from college and entering the “real world” we forget how important it is to have a vision. Vision is everything. Your vision of winning a championship drove you to practice without your Coach having to force you to get into the gym. You have to do the same thing if you are going to find success in life after sports. 

In this episode special guest Pasha Cook breaks down the importance of truly knowing yourself and branding yourself effectively. Cook reminds listeners that we are all going to go pro in something. Listeners will learn about the advantages athletes have when they decide to work for themselves.

Many former athletes find success in entrepreneurship. Before you can run a successful business you have to ask yourself what problem you are solving and you have to surround yourself with a new team of people who can advise you along the way and strengthen you where you are weak. 

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