019: Athlete-Students- With Guest Meghan McPeak

In this episode of Sets For Life entitled Athlete-Students special guest Meghan McPeak encourages listeners to go after their dreams. Part of going after your dreams requires you to take the time to position yourself.

 More often than not we focus on the athlete part more than the student part. Athletes have to take ownership because at the end of the day we are only left with two options. Go pro or go pro? We will all be going pro in something. Maybe it will be sports, maybe it won’t.

 For sports like women’s basketball there are only 144 spots. The average NFL career is only 3 years. As athletes we have to be intentional about making the most of the opportunities we are given. We can’t major in our sport and minor in our studies.

 Meghan also give listeners perspective on what they can do to fill the void that is often left behind by sports. Many of us have a ton of extra time once our playing days end that we have no idea what to do with. If you think outside of yourself you will be able to put together a plan to navigate this often tricky stage of life.

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