020: More Than A Hooper- With Guest Corin 'Tiny' Adams

In this episode of Sets For Life former professional basketball player Corin “Tiny” Adams encourages athletes to open their eyes. So many athletes fail to communicate with athletes outside of their circle. We are all going to go pro in something and the relationships that we develop will help us along the way.

 It is so important that athletes take the same principles they learned through years of playing sports and use those skills for the rest of their life. If your game is limited what you can bring to the team is limited. You have to add to your game. The same thing applies to life.

In basketball you can’t just shoot 3s. You need to be able to get to the basket and knock down the mid-range shot. The more you can do on the floor the more you value you will add to the team. The same principles apply in corporate or whatever field you choose to enter. You have to view things like professional development as a way to get more reps.

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