022: Pull That Trigger- With Guest Natalie Jacobs

ith less than 2% of collegiate athletes going pro it is imperative that we start to have a different conversation with our athletes. We have to be more intentional about preparing them for the road ahead. In this episode special guest Natalie Jacobs breaks down her journey from First Team All-American soccer player at Penn State to playing a role in the Emmy-nominated web series, Tough Love.

 Jacobs did not find herself on stage overnight. She went the corporate route after college and quickly found herself unfulfilled. It’s important that athletes understand that their life is not over at the age of 21 or 22. We simply have to find our new lane. We have to find something new that gives us that rush we have grown so accustomed to.

 In this episode Jacobs highlights several parallels between life and sports. One important principle we know to be true from years of playing sports is that by putting in the time and practicing, we can literally change our level of skill in anything!

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