029: Let's Talk Academics- With Guest Sarah Naas

In this episode of Sets For Life entitled Let’s Talk Academics we have conversation that is a little different from the norm. In this episode special guest Sarah Naas discusses changing the world one student-athlete at a time. It literally takes a village to help athletes juggle all of their responsibilities. Many athletes feel comfortable having conversations with academic advisors, trainers, and other support staff members that they don’t feel comfortable having with their coaches. Often times academics are put on the back burner but it is important for athletes to understand that they are students first. Because sports take up so much of their time, athletes often don’t have time to intern and join clubs like other students. However, athletes must learn how to sell themselves and leverage their playing experience as they begin to navigate life after sports. We talk about all of these things and so much more in this episode. Be sure to check it out and share it with a friend!

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