039: Embrace Your Superpower- With Guest Coach Freddy Fri

There are so many skills that we learn on the court that will carry us a long way long after that final whistle blows. Once our playing days end many of us feel as if we have lost our best friend. It’s important to understand that the game isn’t over and we now have to make the game of life our new sport.

Our sport leaves us clues. We all have super powers. Most athletes have one thing that we do really well. The challenge is to start seeing those things differently. If you are great communicator on the court you may consider a career that allows you to utilize that gift. If you were a hustler use that to your advantage in business.

As players our coaches are built in mentors. It’s important to seek out new mentors as you transition. Mentors have the ability to plant seeds that you must water. We talk about all of this and so much more in this episode featuring Coach Freddy Fri. Trust me you don’t want to miss it.

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