043: Superhuman?- With Guest Dr. Kensa Gunter

You do not want to miss this special episode of the podcast featuring sport psychologist Dr. Kensa Gunter! 

As many collegiate student-athletes prepare to transition out of competitive sport they find it difficult to remember a time when they didn’t play their sport. It’s a huge adjustment to no longer having your sport as a part of your world as it was a source of happiness and success. As we transition out we are on the hunt to find another source that will give us worth, success, and praise beyond our sport. 

In this episode we discuss a number of topics including

  • Why athletes struggle to ask for help

  • The unhealthy balance that focuses more on the athlete than the person

  • How to chase goals that aren’t tied to medals, trophies, and championship rings

  • How to get wins outside of sport

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