044: "Special Talent"- With Guest Dr. Robert Turner

“The process of becoming an elite football player from high school to college and through the pro levels leaves athletes with few marketable skills and little preparation for their first Sunday off the field”.

Not For Long: The Life and Career of the NFL Athlete

Dr. Robert Turner


Often times athletes don’t realize the various marketable skills that they have. Athletes have a plethora of skills. However, they are never given the time to cultivate those skills. By the time athletes graduate most of them have never applied for a job, participated in an interview, put together a cover letter or resume, or completed an internship because their sport is so demanding. Athletes struggle to communicate with hiring managers and highlight what they can bring to a company. We do athletes a disservice by not showing them how to transfer those skills. One sit down with the career guidance counselor is not going to prepare a kid for what’s next.


Often times athletics serve as our master status and our primary identity and it is often extremely difficult to walk away from that. Once your playing days end it’s hard to cope with the fact that you are no longer “special” or “different”. You are never standing in the middle of the field with 70,000 people screaming your name.


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