047:Polynesian Sauce- With Guest Morgan Jones

As athletes we can gain a false perception of what it truly takes to obtain certain luxuries in life. We grow accustomed to chartered flights, five star hotels, and catered meals. Once our playing days come to an end we have to figure out where we fit in society and what we can do to provide for ourselves. 

Many athletes struggle with the transition out simply because they never prepared for it. It is so important to feed your mind with things outside of your sport.

You must come to grips with the fact that you will have to start  over. You may be the senior and the leader on your team but a few months later you could find yourself on a corporate job where you have the less experience than all of your coworkers. In a sense you will be a “rookie” all over again. There is nothing wrong with starting over. It is simply a part of the process.

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