059: The Other 98%- With Guest Matt Mounier

This week’s episode goes from 0-60 in about .002 seconds as special guest Matt Mounier answers the million dollar question…

If we all know that less than 2% of collegiate student-athletes will play professional sports why don’t we hear the stories of the other 98%? 

Many athletes are under the impression that everything will be easy once they are done playing sports. They believe that companies will desire to hire them just because they are former athletes. Often times the transition is more difficult than athletes envision.

Matt also brought up another great point in which he mentioned a survey. The survey was taken by male football and basketball players at NCAA division one, two, and three institutions. 66% of the athletes surveyed believed they would play professional sports. Matt posed a great question by asking what happens when reality slaps you in the face?

We talk about this and so much more on episode 59 entitled The Other 98%

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