060: Survive and Advance- With Guest Monica McNutt

Life after sport can be extremely frustrating, as the rules that apply to our game don’t always get us the same results in life. If we want to become better shooters we get more shots up. If we want to become better ball handlers we work on tons of ball handling drills. However, as we navigate media, corporate, or other arenas we come to realize that although we may put in the work we may not always be given the opportunity that we believe we deserve. 

As we navigate life it is important to understand the power of the pause. As kids we focus on making the varsity team. In high school we obsess over which college we will play for. We are always focused on what’s next. In order to uncover your gifts and realize what comes to you naturally we have to take the time to pause and reflect. Our coaches force us to pause and study film. Once we no longer have our coaches in our ear we have to have the discipline to study “film” on our own and make the necessary corrections.

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