071: The Glory Days- With Guest Amanda McGrew

After several failed dating experiences Amanda McGrew decided to become the solution instead of simply complaining about the problem. With all of the niche dating apps for Christians, Vegans, Farmers, and other groups of people Amanda decided she needed to create a dating for athletes. Athletes have an ability to connect with other athletes in a way that is rare. 

Part of the struggle as we transition out of sport if finding a new place to add value. It is so important to identify your tribe and find a group of people you can serve.

More often than not our sport makes us a huge part of our identity. Many of us are aware that we could be good at something else but fear of the unknown keeps many athletes from exploring and truly tapping into other areas. It is so important to find new things to celebrate and explore. No one wants to be the 35 year old former athlete constantly talking about how they made the All Conference team their junior year of college.

Take the time to ask yourself if you have other passions and things you could be great at. Take the time to tap into a creative side of you that many of us never take the time to explore.

As an athlete it is important to understand that your commitment to the grind is what separates you. You may not want to sit in study hall on Sunday night but you do it anyway. You may not want to go to the dining hall as soon as they open but that’s the only time you can go. You may not want to endure a two hour film session after a 4 hour practice but you do it anyway. Playing four years of collegiate sports is a test of your will. If you can endure that and thrive you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to. Most athletes don’t truly value the skill set they gained until it’s over.


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