074: Go Against The Grain With Guest Tobias Pinson

It is so important to take the time to reflect on your past experiences and figure out what sort of solutions you can provide to those in need. That is exactly what this week’s special guest did when he started Hoop Juice. Hoop Juice is a recruiting service designed to help women’s basketball players of all levels find a place to play basketball and continue their education.

As former athletes it can be hard to figure out who you want to be and what you want to be as your life has revolved around your sport for years. You have to get uncomfortable and put yourself in situations that will allow you to find other things that may interest you.

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073: More Than X's and O's- With Guest Dr. Emmett Gill

This is an episode unlike any other. We talk about the intersection between social work and sports. Social workers are advocates and activists who can help athletes in a variety of ways.

Social workers help people who experience everyday problems and they help people who are in crisis. Social workers can help athletes navigate life events so that they can be the best people they can be. Social workers need a seat at the table along with sports psychologists in order to give our athletes the holistic development they need.

In this episode we also talk about the plethora of issues our black student-athletes face from a social workers perspective. Many black student-athletes come from challenging background where they were raised in one parent or no parent homes. Some deal with bouts of homelessness while others have to face gun violence. Somehow in spite of their circumstances they find their way onto a college campus. In many instances they are unprepared for the coursework but it is difficult for them to find someone who looks like them and can truly understand who they are and where they come from.

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071: The Glory Days- With Guest Amanda McGrew

After several failed dating experiences Amanda McGrew decided to become the solution instead of simply complaining about the problem. With all of the niche dating apps for Christians, Vegans, Farmers, and other groups of people Amanda decided she needed to create a dating for athletes. Athletes have an ability to connect with other athletes in a way that is rare. 

Part of the struggle as we transition out of sport if finding a new place to add value. It is so important to identify your tribe and find a group of people you can serve.

More often than not our sport makes us a huge part of our identity. Many of us are aware that we could be good at something else but fear of the unknown keeps many athletes from exploring and truly tapping into other areas. It is so important to find new things to celebrate and explore. No one wants to be the 35 year old former athlete constantly talking about how they made the All Conference team their junior year of college.

Take the time to ask yourself if you have other passions and things you could be great at. Take the time to tap into a creative side of you that many of us never take the time to explore.

As an athlete it is important to understand that your commitment to the grind is what separates you. You may not want to sit in study hall on Sunday night but you do it anyway. You may not want to go to the dining hall as soon as they open but that’s the only time you can go. You may not want to endure a two hour film session after a 4 hour practice but you do it anyway. Playing four years of collegiate sports is a test of your will. If you can endure that and thrive you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to. Most athletes don’t truly value the skill set they gained until it’s over.


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069: #studentathletepreneur- With Guest Krystal Beachum

For many college is a period of self-discovery as students figure out what the like and what they don’t like. Many times due to time constraints athletes don’t get the time to explore.

In this weeks episode special guest Krystal Beachum talks about her college experience. She also breaks down the fact that a business is simply the solution to a problem. As the founder of Student-Athletes Unite, she educates and inspires collegiate athletes to create entrepreneurial ventures, which also connecting them to opportunities with top companies and organizations through a monthly curated newsletter.

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067: Play To Win- With Guest Ticha Penicheiro

“Basketball is what I used to do, not who I am.” 

As athletes we tend to forget to remind ourselves that life is much bigger than our sport. Many times athletes spend 20 or more years dedicated to their sport and if you aren’t intentional about planning next steps the transition can seem overwhelming.

One of the keys to success is to be passionate about what you do. However, if you can become knowledgeable within your sphere of influence and combine that with your passion those two things will allow you to experience success on another level.

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066: Go Down Swinging- With Guest Ashley Facio

Sometimes it takes former athletes a while to realize that our playing days are really over. In this week’s episode former softball player Ashley Facio describes what it felt like once the letters HR no longer stood for home run but human resources.

Playing sports allows us to understand the importance of sacrifice. Ashley talks about the fact that in softball many times you will step up to the plate and bunt just so that your teammate can move forward.

Ashley Facio currently works in human resources and she dropped a ton of gems for listeners who are looking to start their career or take their career to the next level.

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065: Athletes as Artists- With Guest Kezia Conyers

As athletes we go from literally having an entire army of people to support us to being on our own literally overnight. It is extremely difficult for athletes who are often viewed as super human to share their insecurities and doubts. Thankfully there are more and more people willing to come forward and share their story in hopes of helping other athletes successfully navigate the transition.

One thing to keep in mind as you transition is that you need to find new creative outlets. Athletes are artists. Having the ability to contort your body is a form of art. Once sport ends we lose that outlet and we need to replace it. Athletes have a creative nature and it’s hard to turn it off once you stop playing. We have to figure out how to move that energy into a different direction.

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064: Transforming Lives Through Sport- With Dr. Robert Bennett & Dr. Morris Council

Within the black community there is an elevated social status tied to athletics that many of us cling to. Sports allow us to escape as we get a certain sense of freedom on the playing field. So many African Americans view athletics as the only means to financial freedom. Once we realize that we will not obtain our ultimate goal of playing professionally it can be extremely difficult to let go and step away from our sport.

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062: Mac and Cheese With Guest Jhasmin Player

No matter what career field you decide to enter it is so important to find your unique niche. You need to be the mad scientist at whatever you are bringing to the table. You have to see yourself as a unique specialist. In order to stand out you have to be like the Aunt who is bringing her signature mac and cheese to the family function. You are not valuable until you perfect what makes you different. Find you lane. Perfect it. Be obsessed with it. When people look at you then need to know exactly what you can bring to the table. Make sure no one in the country knows more about that thing than you. When someone is looking to hire someone within a specific niche they should look to you as a no brainer to fill the position. 

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